Glittering Stars ~ OpenLinkNight-5


~ Some muffled sounds concealed
your arms surrounding mine.
A figure in black disturbing as
the doorbell rings again.
The bed is my cell and the chains are invisible,
and I try to call out your name.

Glittering stars scattered above us
black and white circles and lines

Your tired body turns on the lights
not understanding my fear
I know he’s around
I feel his dark eyes
I’m not safe, even though you’re here.

Glittering stars scattered above us
black and white circles and lines

A bunch of flowers at my feet.
They prickle and they sting.
Still my bed holds me down.
I have no power, nor will.

Again, I feel him in the air.
Sounds muffled and confusing.
Afraid to open up my eyes.
Ashamed of such a fear.

Glittering stars scattered above us
black and white circles and lines

Glittering scars!
They’re glittering scars!
They’re black and blue!
Black and blue,
They’re black and blue… scars.

*** I humbly expose myself in song to the fab poets at dVerse pub, on this wonderfully fruitful OpenLinkNight-5, hosted by the poet MC Smiles himself –  Brian Miller.
You have read me as black and blue in other writes.  This song – Glittering Stars (audio link!!!) was written several years ago, after recurring dreams of a traumatic event. This is an unedited version of my song, not a professional recording.Just my Sigma and I, in my room. ~ deb


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  1. And its a standing ovation from this wannabe! Love the increase in pace and strength of voice in the recording. Lends an even greater passion to the piece for sure. Deb…this was truly enjoyed by me, thanks so much for sharing this!

  2. Loved reading these lyrics. Can’t hear the recording unfortunately.

  3. Like this.. thanks for sharing

  4. Hey – these are pretty great lyrics – really good to get the dimension of the recording. You sound great too, Two thumbs from me 1 black 1 blue, loving the whole composition and feeling of this piece – a dark under hum

  5. nice…MC Smiles…ha, i will use that…and you sound great for sure…really enjoyed the listen and these are very well done as far as the lyrics go as well…i wrote songs before i ever wrote poetry…

  6. Geez, this packs a whallop! Black and blue is an eternal truth I think.

    I can relate to the circles and lines in the starry sky our eyes find, making sense, finding patterns.

    And NOW, I’m gonna slap in my earbuds to hear, yay! I’ll be back soon with another comment after I listen.

  7. Wonderful lyrics, love how you went from glittering stars to scars, just a sublte change added that much more depth, nice.

  8. I’m jealous, but will try to make it work to better myself.

    I feel the L. Cohen in your lovely guitar.

    And your voice. Your voice makes my backyard stand up and listen.

    So beautiful.

  9. I hate that dream, surrounded by something horrifically menacing, unable to move…no protection or light quite dispelling the fear. The line about the flowers was particularly intense for me. Your performance was visceral and real and projected the dark mood of the words well.

    • Debbie Dawnslight

      Thank you! So many don’t understand… especially the line about the flowers…
      I’m almost relieved that you do (not sure that’s the right word).
      Thank you!

  10. I especially like the way your voice sounds during,

    “Glittering stars scattered above us
    black and white circles and lines”

    I’m sorry for your traumatic experience, but I know how much therapy music and writing can be. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. Nice piece… love the build within the lyrics, within the circles and lines.

  12. Feels like a really terrifying experience here… and your writing was superbly powerful …
    The end was chilling!! But very well written!

  13. awesome debbie – i loved both, the poem and the recording – you got a beautiful voice and so deep with emotions…wow

  14. Very enjoyable. Like the use of colour in particular

  15. Debbie Dawnslight

    Thank you all for listening and reading and commenting… 🙂 It means a lot to me and feels good to be able to share with you something which isn’t “perfect”… that’s something which isn’t easy for me…

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