upside down and round

view from my home

view from my home – upside down and round

it’s sometimes upside down

you know, after spinning around

looking at the sky, the trees

then watching the blur around my feet…

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Solitude Darkness


all is quiet

and it begins.

darkness creeps in

out of the nowhere

from the blackness of the eye

from the painful cries

from a dive in the deep

from where my scary sleeps

it tinkles down my spine

it shadows round my thighs

it makes my heart beat-beatings

and my ache bleed-bleeding

it raises a finger at the pain

in an endless play it games.

Solitude Darkness.

It’s a new state of being

a crazy quietness

a place of heartlessness

a time for restlessness

and all the time it’s less and less

Less of me

or of my something

Less of wanting

More of haunting

and hunting

and cutting

it spreads on me



burns and hurts


but invisible

and far

and distant

and invincible

I tackle it with my words


to what


Bear Hug

Schneeweißchen (Snow-White) by Catrin Welz-Stein

How is it…

you say you love me

I want you to adore me…

How is there a “but?”

While moving into your large, inclusive, warm hug,

noticing you put your head down on my chest,

I try to be fearless


and strong.

I should be scared

of you.

but your tenderness,


and power

make me wonder…

are we stopping each other from moving on

or is there harmony and trust?



This beautiful artwork is of Catrin Welz-Stein called SCHNEEWEISSCHEN (SNOW-WHITE).

The artist invited writers at dVerse Poets Pub to write to some chosen pieces of her artwork.

Although I didn’t write about snow white, but the image in this particular piece of art moved me.

Thank you Catrin Welz-Stein and thank you Claudia Schoenfeld for this wonderful opportunity.

Please go visit Catrin Welz-Stein’s site as well as many creative and talented poets from dVerse Poets Pub.

A Fool Am I

A Fool Am I

I am newly indisposed

after learning what I already know…


I could tell you lied

and still you tried

not to say

so as

not to hear…

not to make it real.


This bumpy road we’re on,

should we move on or slow down?

If we do, I might get stuck too.

I keep an eye on oncoming traffic.

But, sometimes a car cuts in when you least expect it.


I already knew.

In the numbness


In the numbness of still life,

my shrugged answer to you

stopped everything,

as though nothing had relevant existence.

It’s coming back to haunt me;

lusting after a loving life.

still… life…


skipping through life
sounds like fun
but i mean
skipping the mornings with the children
skipping dinner time around the table
good conversation
laughter and love
I’m not only there for the tough moments
am I?

Shakked Sarah’s Home Birth

A full moon
Always haunting
Always enchanting
And with the full moon
Your journey to join our home began

It was my heart that beckoned
And your sister who called to you
“Baby come!” when we flew a kite
And, “come baby!” when we went to the sea…

It was for you we were waiting

And in such rage of movement and stillness
Of laughter and tears
You joined us
Into the strong and trembling hands of your father
You came

Inside the candles were dancing
Outside the birds sang

I embraced you and wept.
Recognizing you

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